Fulham vs. Wigan

Saturday’s match between Fulham and Wigan Athletic at Craven Cottage ended in a draw between the two teams. Fulham dominated the first half of the game, coming out strong against Wigan Athletic. Each side had many attempts to score. Fulham scored the first point 22 minutes in, shot by Giorgio Karagounis the teams midfielder after he shot from 25 yards. Wigan is now 15 of their 22 games behind after Giorgio Karagounis’goal on the Wigan Athletic goalee. Wigan was able to catch up to Fulham, when their striker Franco Di Santo was able to move in from left wing and break through Fulham goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer’s defense, the shot was Franco Di Santo’s first in the premier league since October 6th. Schwarzer had many good saves including one from Shaun Maloney. In the 89th minute of play, Wigan Athletic player Ivan Ramis was struck across by Berbatov, going down with an apparent knee injury, he is believed to have damaged his right knee and torn ligaments. The injury was serious enough that Ivan Ramis to be taken from the field by stretcher. Over the course of the game their were a total of 26 fouls committed but only one yellow card. Coach Martin Jol has never lost a game against Wigan, but he still felt that although they were not in fear of being regulated, Fulham needed the points to maintain their position long term. Wigan Athletic definately lead the match in the second half, Fulham seemed to get sloppy and that led to their inability to score on Wigan Athletic over the course of the half. Fulham is currently still in 13th while Wigan Athletic is now above Aston Villa in 17th. Wigan fell out of the bottom three at present, which is not good in their long term placing. The overall game was close but each side could have scored on the other and the opportunity to do so was wasted multiple times. Fulham at 13th will go on to play Blackburn in the FA Budeweiser cup at 20:00 pm. Wigan will go on to face Bournemouth on Tuesday January 15th at 19:45 pm they hope to come out with a win against Bournemouth as they are falling in the rankings.Fulham hopes to win the cup and that their injured player makes a recovery to be able to play eventually. The seasons are very different for each team one team hoping to go on to build points and the other hoping to stop falling down further.


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