“Victory for FC Barcelona over Osasuna”

” January 28, 2013, Barcelona, Spain, Camp Nou, Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona went on to a stunning 5-1 victory against Osasuna at home. Lionel Messi made a total of four goals in the game, Barca stands comfortably now, after coming off their victory against Malaga. The team maintains a strong image not rattled by their loss against Real Sociedad The first goal of the game was set up 10-11 minutes into the game when Xavi passed off the ball to Messi who put it in for the goal. Loe put a goal in for Osasuna at 23 minutes but it did little to rattle the FC Barcelona team or fans who were confident in their offensive against Osasuna, during the penalty Messi strode up and put away the resulting penalty, Pedro scored another goal for FC Barcelona further knocking out any hope for Osasuna. Upon scoring their goals and the commanding lead against Messi then scored again 3 times in the game to bring the game in a commanding FC Barcelona lead, although Loe scored to put a 1 on the board for Osasuna earlier on in the game, Osasuna could do nothing against the strength of the FC Barcelona club and the footwork of Lionel Messi. Many other FC Barcelona players had opportunity to make goals during the game but it was clear Lionel Messi came out on fire to bring Osasuna to its knees, with the victory in place FC Barcelona was able to rest some of its players and simply wait for their ensured victory against Osasuna. The game was a a great day for Lionel Messi who was recently a practice before rested due to complication with pain. Lionel Messi was able to prove his true strength and his ability to command the lead for FC Barcelona against a weaker and less organized Osasuana squad. FC Barcelona’s superior play and their level of talent was simply no match for this opponent, so they were able to come away with a strong victory against their opponent Osasuna who could not match their level of play, nor the footwork of Lionel Messi. FC Barcelona stood tall against the lesser team. Now with their draw against Real Madrid they will go on to face Valencia and hopefully they can come out with the same level of play they showed against the Osasuna club they defeated on January 28th, at home, it will be interesting to see, but either way FC Barcelona is standing strong.


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