“FC Barcelona vs Osasuna”

Tonight Sunday January 27th 7:00 pm at Camp Nou FC Barcelona will face Osasuna for a match. FC Barcelona stands confident to come out with a win against their competition. Messi although missing practice on Friday and was substituted in the 82nd minute of his game due to a preventative measure against injury during the Copa del Rey win over Malaga. But according to FC Barcelona he will play tonights game and is expected to come out strong against Osasuna as the reason for taking Messi out of play was nothing serious enough to warrant over conconcern about him missing any game time tonight but rather due to a adductor in his right leg causing him problems. FC Barcelona is favored over Osasuna and for good reason but anything can happen in football, Barcelonas last match was close and the opposition was able to score some goals on FC Barcelona but in the end FC Barcelona pulled out with a win. The game is expected to be a winner for FC Barcelona not only due to Messi’s outstanding playing bit also the Clubs overall performance compared to Osasunas who are ranked much lower than the highly ranked FC Barcelona. FC Barcelona will be going into it strong and playing at home in front of their home fans will only push them harder to score a lot. This game should be a nice little game for FC Barcelona and a chance for many of its players to get some playing time and for its team leaders to score a lot. This is a game the that will be easily in FC Barcelona’s favor but that doesn’t mean they should let their guard down it means they will have a lot more opportunity to score on their opponents and play their reserve players.


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