“Victory for Bayern over lower ranked Greuther Furth”

This January 19th Saturdays game between Bundesliga leaders Bayern Munich and the lower ranked club Greuther Furth ended in a 2-0 win for Bayern Munich. Mario Mandzukic led the game scoring both goals against Greuther Furth at the Allianz Arena this Saturday.Marios first goal occured 26 minutes into the game after Müller passed it off to Mandzukic to make it 1-0 Bayern Munich. Mandzukic scored his second goal in the 61st minute of the game bringing the score to 2-0 Munich and leading the Munich team to a confident victory over their lesser ranked rivals. The weather was very cold and falling ice had worried many in the stands,many Bayern Munich fans expected a higher score considering how poorly ranked and without players they needed Greuther Furth was, but in the end Bayern Munich was able to have a good showing, and score on their opponent Greuther Furth this game was very entertaining from start to finish and plenty of Bayern Munich players got a chance to make a good showing. In the end Greuther Furth couldn’t score nor could they make any of push against a stronger and better skilled Bayern Munich squad.The game perfectly highlighted the divide between those Bundesliga teams that are in serious need of improvement and those that are doing well and that can make a smaller less prepared team a quick win for them. Greuther Furth although making many attempts just couldn’t break through Bayern Munichs defenses nor match their attacks. It was a game of one very good team with a wide range of experienced players against one poor team with very few players in the game. Suprisingly the game wasn’t any more higher scoring for the Bayern Munich side then the 2-0 score that it ended with, had Bayern Munich wanted to, they could have probably done even more damage against an already seemingly broken Greuther Furth side, had it gone that way. Bayern Munich had a total of 22 attempts vs only 5 for Greuther Furth. They also had a conversion rate of 9% vs Greuther Furth’s 0% conversion rate. All in all the game went exactly as expected albeit with a lower score than previously predicted by many who were awaiting the match. Greuther Furth lost possession often and committed many errors in game as well, while Bayern Munich played a well controlled and strong style of play. Bayern Munich were able to dominate Greuther Furth in almost every category, this win is good for Bayern Munich’s team and fans, for Greuther Furth is is a wake up call as to how much improvement they need in order to even have a chance against highly ranked Bundesliga clubs and avoid regulation.


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