“Bayern Munich vs. Greuther Furth”

This Saturday or Samstag if you prefer, January 19th at 2:30 pm, Bayern Munich will be taking on taking on Greuther Furth at home in the Allianz arena. Bayern Munich is projected to win the match and are favored to come out strong. The opposing Greuther Furth has never won a game against Bayern Munich and have currently been unable to win their previous games. Neuer, Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Muller, and Gomez will be playing in this game and their combined talents along with the recent failures of Greuther Furth put a victory in the hands of Greuther Furth highly unlikely at the time being. Bayern Munich will be fielding some of the best of the Bundesliga and German National Team against a team with alot of problems and a falling record that currently is causing them problems in moving up in their division. Bayern Munich will be playing with a pratically full squad only one of their players Holger Badstuber will be out with a ligament injury. Greuther Furth will be without several players and there skipper Megrim Mavraj is currently suspended, another factor that leans in favor of highly ranked Bayern Munich coming out with a victory over Greuther Furth. Bayern Munich is currently being led by coach Jupp Heynckes who has in his history with the Bayern Munich football club already won two bundesliga titles and 3 cups with Bayern Munich football club.This match should be an easy victory for the the Bayern Munich football club, and considering how well they have been doing compared to their competition they shouldn’t have any problem beating their competition.It will be interesting to see how much Bayern Munich can score on their competition Greuther Furth on Saturday’s game at the Allianz Arena. It should be a good game in Bayern Munich’s favor and a chance for them to set up some strategy.


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