Aven Brauer


The game this Saturday will be at Craven Cottage, Fulham will be playing at home against visiting Wigan. Predictions for the game are mostly going for the home side to win the match. For some background into the home team, Fulham is the oldest established team in London, so the fan base is going to be quite loyal , fanatical, and large as its history dates back to 1879 when it was founded as Fullham St. Andrew’s Church Sunday School team. Fulham made the 2010 Europa Final League but ultimately lost. As of recently Fulham is looking to make progress in the league, led by former footballer and manager the Dutch Martin Jol, they are putting out a solid roster, including Austrialian Goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer and Norwegian star Brede Hangeland who is their central defender and current team captain. Hangeland is noted for his calm nature and his ability of combining strength & shooting, with technique and good passing skills. Fulham is currently ranked 13th in the Premier League, they have a total of 24 points as of now. They will be facing Wigan Athletic who are currently ranked 18th in the league, as of now. Wigan Athletic is led by Spanish former Footballer and Manager Roberto Martinez, they also hope to make a way in the league. Wigan’s captain is the Scottish footballer Gary Caldwell, Caldwell he is the teams central defender, Wigan had a long career with Celtic FC before joining the Wigan squad he is also a part of the Scottish National Team representing them in the World Cup. The match up between Fulham and Wigan should be a good match, Hangeland’s skill vs. Caldwell’s experience. While both teams play one another it should be noted they are not major rivals so there is not a deep seated resentment on either side.


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