“Victory for FC Barcelona over Osasuna”

” January 28, 2013, Barcelona, Spain, Camp Nou, Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona went on to a stunning 5-1 victory against Osasuna at home. Lionel Messi made a total of four goals in the game, Barca stands comfortably now, after coming off their victory against Malaga. The team maintains a strong image not rattled by their loss against Real Sociedad The first goal of the game was set up 10-11 minutes into the game when Xavi passed off the ball to Messi who put it in for the goal. Loe put a goal in for Osasuna at 23 minutes but it did little to rattle the FC Barcelona team or fans who were confident in their offensive against Osasuna, during the penalty Messi strode up and put away the resulting penalty, Pedro scored another goal for FC Barcelona further knocking out any hope for Osasuna. Upon scoring their goals and the commanding lead against Messi then scored again 3 times in the game to bring the game in a commanding FC Barcelona lead, although Loe scored to put a 1 on the board for Osasuna earlier on in the game, Osasuna could do nothing against the strength of the FC Barcelona club and the footwork of Lionel Messi. Many other FC Barcelona players had opportunity to make goals during the game but it was clear Lionel Messi came out on fire to bring Osasuna to its knees, with the victory in place FC Barcelona was able to rest some of its players and simply wait for their ensured victory against Osasuna. The game was a a great day for Lionel Messi who was recently a practice before rested due to complication with pain. Lionel Messi was able to prove his true strength and his ability to command the lead for FC Barcelona against a weaker and less organized Osasuana squad. FC Barcelona’s superior play and their level of talent was simply no match for this opponent, so they were able to come away with a strong victory against their opponent Osasuna who could not match their level of play, nor the footwork of Lionel Messi. FC Barcelona stood tall against the lesser team. Now with their draw against Real Madrid they will go on to face Valencia and hopefully they can come out with the same level of play they showed against the Osasuna club they defeated on January 28th, at home, it will be interesting to see, but either way FC Barcelona is standing strong.


“FC Barcelona vs Osasuna”

Tonight Sunday January 27th 7:00 pm at Camp Nou FC Barcelona will face Osasuna for a match. FC Barcelona stands confident to come out with a win against their competition. Messi although missing practice on Friday and was substituted in the 82nd minute of his game due to a preventative measure against injury during the Copa del Rey win over Malaga. But according to FC Barcelona he will play tonights game and is expected to come out strong against Osasuna as the reason for taking Messi out of play was nothing serious enough to warrant over conconcern about him missing any game time tonight but rather due to a adductor in his right leg causing him problems. FC Barcelona is favored over Osasuna and for good reason but anything can happen in football, Barcelonas last match was close and the opposition was able to score some goals on FC Barcelona but in the end FC Barcelona pulled out with a win. The game is expected to be a winner for FC Barcelona not only due to Messi’s outstanding playing bit also the Clubs overall performance compared to Osasunas who are ranked much lower than the highly ranked FC Barcelona. FC Barcelona will be going into it strong and playing at home in front of their home fans will only push them harder to score a lot. This game should be a nice little game for FC Barcelona and a chance for many of its players to get some playing time and for its team leaders to score a lot. This is a game the that will be easily in FC Barcelona’s favor but that doesn’t mean they should let their guard down it means they will have a lot more opportunity to score on their opponents and play their reserve players.

“Victory for Bayern over lower ranked Greuther Furth”

This January 19th Saturdays game between Bundesliga leaders Bayern Munich and the lower ranked club Greuther Furth ended in a 2-0 win for Bayern Munich. Mario Mandzukic led the game scoring both goals against Greuther Furth at the Allianz Arena this Saturday.Marios first goal occured 26 minutes into the game after Müller passed it off to Mandzukic to make it 1-0 Bayern Munich. Mandzukic scored his second goal in the 61st minute of the game bringing the score to 2-0 Munich and leading the Munich team to a confident victory over their lesser ranked rivals. The weather was very cold and falling ice had worried many in the stands,many Bayern Munich fans expected a higher score considering how poorly ranked and without players they needed Greuther Furth was, but in the end Bayern Munich was able to have a good showing, and score on their opponent Greuther Furth this game was very entertaining from start to finish and plenty of Bayern Munich players got a chance to make a good showing. In the end Greuther Furth couldn’t score nor could they make any of push against a stronger and better skilled Bayern Munich squad.The game perfectly highlighted the divide between those Bundesliga teams that are in serious need of improvement and those that are doing well and that can make a smaller less prepared team a quick win for them. Greuther Furth although making many attempts just couldn’t break through Bayern Munichs defenses nor match their attacks. It was a game of one very good team with a wide range of experienced players against one poor team with very few players in the game. Suprisingly the game wasn’t any more higher scoring for the Bayern Munich side then the 2-0 score that it ended with, had Bayern Munich wanted to, they could have probably done even more damage against an already seemingly broken Greuther Furth side, had it gone that way. Bayern Munich had a total of 22 attempts vs only 5 for Greuther Furth. They also had a conversion rate of 9% vs Greuther Furth’s 0% conversion rate. All in all the game went exactly as expected albeit with a lower score than previously predicted by many who were awaiting the match. Greuther Furth lost possession often and committed many errors in game as well, while Bayern Munich played a well controlled and strong style of play. Bayern Munich were able to dominate Greuther Furth in almost every category, this win is good for Bayern Munich’s team and fans, for Greuther Furth is is a wake up call as to how much improvement they need in order to even have a chance against highly ranked Bundesliga clubs and avoid regulation.

“Bayern Munich vs. Greuther Furth”

This Saturday or Samstag if you prefer, January 19th at 2:30 pm, Bayern Munich will be taking on taking on Greuther Furth at home in the Allianz arena. Bayern Munich is projected to win the match and are favored to come out strong. The opposing Greuther Furth has never won a game against Bayern Munich and have currently been unable to win their previous games. Neuer, Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Muller, and Gomez will be playing in this game and their combined talents along with the recent failures of Greuther Furth put a victory in the hands of Greuther Furth highly unlikely at the time being. Bayern Munich will be fielding some of the best of the Bundesliga and German National Team against a team with alot of problems and a falling record that currently is causing them problems in moving up in their division. Bayern Munich will be playing with a pratically full squad only one of their players Holger Badstuber will be out with a ligament injury. Greuther Furth will be without several players and there skipper Megrim Mavraj is currently suspended, another factor that leans in favor of highly ranked Bayern Munich coming out with a victory over Greuther Furth. Bayern Munich is currently being led by coach Jupp Heynckes who has in his history with the Bayern Munich football club already won two bundesliga titles and 3 cups with Bayern Munich football club.This match should be an easy victory for the the Bayern Munich football club, and considering how well they have been doing compared to their competition they shouldn’t have any problem beating their competition.It will be interesting to see how much Bayern Munich can score on their competition Greuther Furth on Saturday’s game at the Allianz Arena. It should be a good game in Bayern Munich’s favor and a chance for them to set up some strategy.

Aven Brauer


The game this Saturday will be at Craven Cottage, Fulham will be playing at home against visiting Wigan. Predictions for the game are mostly going for the home side to win the match. For some background into the home team, Fulham is the oldest established team in London, so the fan base is going to be quite loyal , fanatical, and large as its history dates back to 1879 when it was founded as Fullham St. Andrew’s Church Sunday School team. Fulham made the 2010 Europa Final League but ultimately lost. As of recently Fulham is looking to make progress in the league, led by former footballer and manager the Dutch Martin Jol, they are putting out a solid roster, including Austrialian Goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer and Norwegian star Brede Hangeland who is their central defender and current team captain. Hangeland is noted for his calm nature and his ability of combining strength & shooting, with technique and good passing skills. Fulham is currently ranked 13th in the Premier League, they have a total of 24 points as of now. They will be facing Wigan Athletic who are currently ranked 18th in the league, as of now. Wigan Athletic is led by Spanish former Footballer and Manager Roberto Martinez, they also hope to make a way in the league. Wigan’s captain is the Scottish footballer Gary Caldwell, Caldwell he is the teams central defender, Wigan had a long career with Celtic FC before joining the Wigan squad he is also a part of the Scottish National Team representing them in the World Cup. The match up between Fulham and Wigan should be a good match, Hangeland’s skill vs. Caldwell’s experience. While both teams play one another it should be noted they are not major rivals so there is not a deep seated resentment on either side.